DUPOBS in Literature


DUPOBS make an appearance in a short story by Maurizio Brancaleoni, in the Italian anthology I mondi del fantasy.  The scene in which DUPOBS appear has been translated into English, as follows:

The day after I ask L. out again.

- How about going to the cinema tonight?

- I’m busy tonight. I’ve got to clean my ears.

- Wednesday night?

- I’ll have to listen to my mobile ringtone.

I decide to try a different approach.

- What about the new Dupobs album? They’re so beyond.

- Who the fuck are these guys?



New Album in the Works

They are waiting for a new album because they want to talk.


Gold Rush, Big Bush

This is a quote from Paul Travers ROLLING STONE:

“It has a spirit that soars!”

Now DUPOBS have a new album.  It’s the official DUPOBS ROCK OPERA for the O snow-slide LYMP winter-spring ICS between the years 2009 and 2011.  It starts with some squeegie boys from Quebec, here to make it big in Vancouver.  Unfortunately, they are chased out by the mayor, Mr. Ritch Krotch.  Here’s a picture:


Is it a picture of Ritch Krotch?  The squeegie boys get chased away to the Yukon by land-scum developers and highway builder Kant (philosophy) S.  Now chased by the self-mutilating priest of maybe Mayan maybe Aztec boys and girls.  We can’t tell the difference because we only studied FORGEIN languages.  There is a dumb rock concert and more bad.  Squeegie boys detach all of Yukon and sail it to xenophobic samurai land of Japan during time of SAKKOKU.  They say: “We don’t hate you, but we already have an overflow human infestation, so please go.”  So they go to MID-EVIL IN-GLAND.  They land on top and everyone has to dig themselves out.  With British accents.  Isn’t that cute?  Now rejected, now again.  They go to SPACE.  To SPACE 1999.  Will they ever be accepted?  Listen HERE.

Happy New Year!


Greetings from the underground bunker, where air is collected from the surface of the earth to a filtration system.  Sometimes we go outside in space suits.  In the vast oceans, emaciated grey whales concentrate at the equator.  They have evolved.  All things will evolve.  Now the whales are only ten centimeters long.  They filter crap through their baleen.  Using sonar, they find a mate.  It is a very warm ocean.  The next flight for Helsinki leaves at 12:54.  We will find a way to make fuel.

Merry Consumption!


Hello All! Now you can have ALL of DUPOBS’ album Win Some, Lose Some for free download! It is DUPOBS’ final gift to the world in 2009. Expect to hear more from us in February, when we release a rock opera commemorating the glorious 2010 Winter Olympics!

2 New Tracks from the HeartLAND!!

Two new songs now from them good ol’ boys dupobs jus wanna get blowed up now for this great nation of ours to get back to their li’l ladies in the heartLAND!!
Run Down Hometown (Doin’ Good by His Hometown)
My Lady Loves Me

How To Communicate Securely In Regressive Environments

This unglghullughkark is about effectively barking ar ar ar in Regressive media environs. Make a poop-haw and then be seated, cubed seal. Will your impudent msg get accrss, sealer? C’mon! You’re so smRT you come for little baby lesson (!) (?)

Leçon Un – Keeping It Clean
Don’t cuss. It make you look dum-dum. Heaubrfkjabsdsheuxlag, instead. Or fuk fuk fuk (3x). Ar ar I don’t want to alienate family people. Don’t forget the families.

Leçon Deux – One Sound Word Group
They come from a new world and like earth things like coins and shows and hues and sex and food. They think boys and girls have much to give the world but for now hurt their friends and their world. They think it is sad and hope to help change things.

Thoughts? add your own leçons in the comments section.

dupobs in car-free Vancouver REJECTA!

Car Free Vancouver says no to dupobs on the “bongo-rhythmic” Main stage. No to dupobs on the Commercial “crap-hop” stage. And no to dupobs on the “folk-ass” West End stage. Has Stephen Harper sucked out their brains? Yes! Car Free Vancouver declares itself the “we-don’t-serve-what-you-can’t-pronounce” White Spot of car-free festivals. They attempt the impossible; to hold back the ever-retreating horizon of the signified. They ignore the necessary connection between squareness and cultural death; mediocrity and war; Wilco and the destruction of rainforests. They are wrong. dupobs is right. History will tell the story. dupobs WILL be there on June 14. Hleauxs! to you in our. in the. in the! in the. and the. pleur-yuh. &c.

dupobs interview

dupobs has been the subject of an interview by Italian artist Maurizio Brancaleoni. Topics of discussion include the DADA/surrealist lineage in regressive music, global decadence, and artistic truth. To read the interview, click here.

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